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Family tree with multiple cursors
Bringing Families Together
MORI makes it easier than ever to connect and collaborate, enabling you to work with other family-tree makers to make progress and share it like never before. Genealogy no longer has to be a solo project.
You and your family members can work on your ancestors' genealogy simultaneously and collaborate to create the most comprehensive family tree possible. No more going back and forth in messages or emails.
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Family tree up close
Follower mode
Follow others around their family trees and see the progress and the connections they have made.
Faster exploration
MORI's simple and quick navigation tools allow for fast and easy exploration even of the most complex family trees.
Easy sharing
Share your family tree via a link to anyone - family members, friends, and collaborators alike.
Powerful and Lightweight
Modern genealogists demand modern software. MORI gives you features that you have come to know and and love from other software you use.
Search for anything
MORI offers advanced search capabilities that make it quick and easy to find any information in your family tree. Search for everything all in one place.
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Search UI
Version history
View earlier versions of your tree and revert back to a specific version with the click of a button.
coming soon
Flexible tagging
Tag any person, event or source with a custom tag and organize your information in any way you like.
Tag Search UI
Powered by AI
Explore the past using tools from the future.
Picture enhancement
Use advanced AI technology to take your old grainy pictures and make them look like they were just taken yesterday. Make the old look new again.
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Blurred image of old photographClear image of old photograph
Transcription of audio
Turn audio files into text right inside of MORI, making them easy to read, search, and navigate.
Transcript of audio file
Translation of text
Translate text into any language quickly, allowing you to overcome language barriers with ease.
Features that Matter to you
Unlock your family's past with essential tools and innovations.
Automatic event timelines
Generate a timeline for each person, highlighting the significant events of their life in chronological order.
Timeline of events
Robust source citations
Painlessly include source citations for easy reference of all the ancestry information used in your family tree.
People management
Edit, change, and remove people from your database with ease. Keep your trees up to date without any hassle.
Import previous work you have done and get up and running again in seconds.
Drag and drop UI for GEDCOM files
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to frequently asked questions by users of MORI.
What makes MORI unique?
MORI allows you to work together with your family and other collaborators on genealogy. Everyone can explore and expand the family tree at the same time, making it easier to find new breakthroughs and engage the next generation in the process. Working together can teach kids how genealogy is done, and increases the feeling of ownership they have when looking at a family tree.
Can I import my existing trees?
Yes, importing should be as easy as downloading your existing trees into a GEDCOM file (every service lets you do this) and then importing the file into MORI. After that the system will automatically reconstruct your trees.
How does the collaborative interface work?
MORI’s interface starts with a smooth and sleek family tree builder like you’d expect in any other genealogy application, making it easy to add new people to the tree, add events, and cite sources.

Whenever you’re ready, MORI makes it easy to share your family tree with others by just clicking a button and entering their emails. Once they’ve signed up and joined you on the tree, you’re able to see their cursor as they move around the canvas. If they want they can click on any name in the top right and that will cause their view to “follow” that person around - perfect for storytelling and shared exploration! If they click on the name again, they can go back to exploring on their own.
Who owns all of the data I submit?
You do! MORI exists to help you in your search to discover more about where you and your family came from. That knowledge and the data you choose to store with use will always be yours.
Do I need to always work with others, or can I still work solo?
MORI is best used with other people, but it works great solo as well! You can still use all of it’s awesome features like in-app AI, tagging, and search to do your work even if it’s just you.
How much does MORI cost?
MORI is free while we’re in beta. Our goal is to create a sustainable business, so that we can continue to be there for your family. Some avenues we’re considering include paid subscriptions for additional AI features and adding in DNA testing.
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Welcome to MORI, the next generation of genealogy software.
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