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Meet Pinston: The AI Assistant That Levels Up Your Genealogy Research
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Meet Pinston: The AI Assistant That Levels Up Your Genealogy Research


Exploring your family history often means hitting roadblocks. You may pore over records for hours without finding new clues. Or get stuck on a relative you just can't seem to trace back further. This is where Pinston comes in.

Pinston is a smart AI assistant built specifically for genealogy research. Here's how it works:

First, upload your existing family tree to Pinston. Then simply select the relative or branch you need help progressing. Pinston analyzes all of the tree data you've entered so far. It looks at names, dates, locations, relationships, and more.

Next, Pinston suggests new potential sources and records to aid your search. This may include birth, marriage or death certificates, census records, passenger lists, gravesites, and much more. Pinston essentially uses context and its AI capabilities to make informed recommendations unique to your tree.

Whether you're a beginner looking where to start or an experienced researcher stuck on a branch, Pinston provides custom suggestions to move your work forward smarter and faster. No more fruitless searching or spinning your wheels.

Pinston also learns as you go, refining its recommendations based on new information you add to the tree. The more you use Pinston, the more it understands your family data and how to help.

With Pinston by your side, you can break through walls, fill gaps, and take your genealogy research further than ever. Give your exploration a boost with the power of AI!

Try Pinston's record suggestions and tree analysis for free today. It's your new go-to genealogy research companion.

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