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At MORI, we’re taking genealogy exploration to imaginative new heights with Supergenealogy - a digital space for experimental ancestry tools that engage you in unexpected ways.

In the future Supergenealogy will offer experiences like:

Beautiful Tree Visualizations. Create family tree charts that will awe and amaze! Beautiful, customizable tree visualizations made for printing.

Infographic Builders. - Infographic Builder allows you to create interesting, satisfying, and shareable infographics by collating data already present in your family trees. It can find superlatives and statistics and automatically generate charts with customizable color palettes and styles.

Ancestor Memes. - Just because they’re dead, doesn’t mean you can’t make fun of them! Create memes that you can share within your family, and create new memories from people who totally can’t take offense to your memes... because they’re dead!

And much more imagination-based discovery!

Supergenealogy combines creativity, surprise, and technology to reinvigorate your relationship with ancestry. It opens up fresh possibilities for tracing your roots that you’ve never considered.

We’re also inviting MORI users to vote on Supergenealogy for the imaginative genealogy experiences they want built next. Share your vision and shape the future of family history exploration!

Rekindle your passion for genealogy through the unexpected. Visit Supergenealogy today to explore your roots in new ways and rediscover your love of family history.

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