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What is the role of AI in preserving and digitizing historical records relevant to genealogy?

What is the role of AI in preserving and digitizing historical records relevant to genealogy?


The Growing Role of AI in Genealogy

For centuries, genealogists and family historians have relied on historical documents like census records, immigration logs, marriage certificates, and burial registers to trace their ancestry. These fragile paper records are stored in archives and libraries around the world, often difficult to access and laborious to search through. Many are handwritten and contain hard-to-decipher names and details.

Advances in artificial intelligence are bringing new hope for unlocking these valuable genealogical records. As more historical documents are digitized through scanning and online repositories, AI tools can analyze the handwritten, typed, or even faded content within them. Algorithms can transcribe the records into machine-readable, searchable text rapidly and at scale - a boon compared to slow manual transcription.

AI capabilities don't end there. Handwriting recognition AI can make sense of even the most challenging cursive writing. It can highlight names and places that may be relevant for a genealogist's search. Natural language processing techniques can extract relationships, dates, locations while machine learning algorithms uncover patterns within family trees, migration trends, lifespan changes over time.

Some commercial services are beginning to employ these AI technologies to enhance access to genealogical records. uses AI to parse through billions of historical documents to create more connections in member family trees. Other tools like DeepScribe simplify the transcription of personal documents belonging to one's ancestors. AI will increasingly uncover insights from contemporary sources too - Facebook posts, old emails, diaries that future generations may treasure.

The applications of AI will continue evolving to preserve, connect and enlighten genealogical pursuits. They may not fully automate building one's family tree but certainly accelerate the discovery process. What used to be painstaking manual effort becomes a fascinating high-tech glimpse into the lives of our ancestors. AI breathes new life into those fading historical records which form the backbone of our lineage.

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